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Wondering what this whole website is about? In addition to some of the best space puns in the business, Rehman Academy helps you learn WordPress better. It’s your own personal WordPress buddy to help you get the most from the world’s most popular CMS. We’ve been helping people learn WordPress and we have no plans to stop any time soon!

We get it – as popular as WordPress may be, sometimes it feels like you need to be a rocket scientist to use self-hosted WordPress, right? You have thousands of themes and plugins.. not to mention all the core WordPress functionality to navigate. It can be a major headache…

That’s where Rehman Academy comes in.

We serve up detailed tutorials, reviews, and best of lists so that you can properly navigate the asteroid field that is the WordPress ecosystem. Find helpful new plugins, discover your next favorite WordPress theme, and just plain learn how to get more from your self-hosted WordPress website.

It doesn’t need to be a chore to learn WordPress, which is why we always try to make our blog posts both actionable and enjoyable to read. No one wants to spend their free time wading through dry technical documentation, so we try to make sure that never happens. In a nutshell, we aim to show you cool stuff about WordPress without putting you to sleep.

Because let’s face it – we know most WordPress users aren’t seasoned developers, which is why we don’t write our blog posts like we’re talking to developers. We speak to you – the regular WordPress user. Maybe you know a little bit of code, or maybe you’ve never looked at PHP in your entire life.

Either way, It’s all good – no matter what your knowledge level is, we’ll make it easy and fun to learn WordPress with Rehman Academy.

Rehman Academy is also more than just blog posts. On the site, you can also find listings for WordPress themes and plugins, as well as plenty of WordPress coupon codes to help you save money on helpful WordPress products.

And we’ve also been known to dig into other topics like the best managed WordPress hosts to keep your site running smoothly, our personal favorite tools, and lots, lots more. And we don’t always just stick to WordPress, you can also find plenty of helpful tips for content marketing, website promotion, and plenty more. Running a WordPress site is about more than just the technical stuff – we help you make a site, get it seen by others, and maybe even make a little money.

So, if you’re ready to blast off and rocket your WordPress knowledge into space, Rehman Academy is here to be the co-pilot on your journey. To get you started, we even put together a list of some of our most popular posts.

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